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First, see the good in yourself, and then find a woman who can do the same. This one will micromanage your entire life. And one thing I know about control freaks is that deep down, they feel like they have no control in some area of their life, and so they take it out on their relationships.

10 Girls You Should NEVER Date

So step away from this relationship, and give her the time she needs to heal, to learn, and to grow. Healthy relationships are marked by peace, not by constant doubt and regret. This princess thinks that somehow, relationships are all-about-her. In other words- she expects you to do all the work, and to put in all the effort while she sits back and reaps the rewards. That might work for some guys, but for others, this lack of reciprocity in a relationship eventually becomes draining. You need a woman who will pour into you, as much as you pour into her. Who will sharpen you, as you sharpen her.

Who will challenge you to become better, while you do the same for her. The best relationships are made of two people- each giving their best to one another. Drama with her momma, drama with her best friend, drama with her boss at work.

The 11 Differences Between Dating A Girl And A Woman

This gal is characterized by drama everywhere she goes, and she tells you all about it. And trust me, that blame-game will quickly become a part of your relationship, too. But they are about finding imperfect people, who realize their flaws and weaknesses, and are working to become better and better with each and every passing day.

And while it resonated with most people, it also ruffled the feathers of a few of the guys out there.

Healthy relationships are a two-way street. Two people, each becoming the best they can be for themselves, and for one another. From my perspective as a relationship therapist, you are the only one responsible for the kind of person you date.

Be on the lookout for THAT kind of unfading beauty. This one right here will win you over with her seductive glances and her flattering words. The glances she gives your waiter, the way talks to your roommate, or the way she giggles flirtatiously at your best friends jokes. In fact, this woman often feels so insecure about herself, that she uses her body to gain affirmation from men.

One of the most beautiful things about the early stages of relationship is the mystery involved. Little by little you get to know one layer at a time, revealing heart, mind, soul and spirit. While this may seem to make life easy at first, the lack of mystery and depth will wear you down, because a healthy relationship involves two unique identities- not just one trying to mimic the other. She loves your car, she loves your career, and she loves your cash. But does she really like you? Say bye-bye before your cash runs out.

I think this is the worst of all the women you could date. According to proverbs, a woman like this is like the sound of a leak dripping: It seemed a little bizarre to let another dude tag along on your date, but he said he was only asking because his cousin was new to the city and had time to kill. Said "cousin" showed up and was a skeezy-looking, skinny European dandy wearing a sheer pink button-up and pleated black dress pants. That's when shit started to get real weird.

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Drinks were flowing, and soon Steven's personality started to change. He started obsessing over everything I did and complimenting me every other sentence.


It was the first time I'd seen a dude get extremely vulnerable on a first date and tell me about how badly he wanted to find the love of his life to settle down and have kids with. It was desperate, unappealing, and crystal clear that he was trying to force a relationship down any female's throat without even bothering to get to know her. He stepped away from the table to go to the bathroom and actually texted me from there.

I know, I know. But don't judge me for sticking around -- I was semi-drunk and therefore willing to tolerate much more than I would have sober. Plus, I knew this experience would turn into a great story.

10 Girls You Should NEVER Date

I was right, right? The three of us hopped in a cab and Steven launched into a heated argument with the driver about an obscure country in Asia. I jumped in and broke up the argument as Steven's creep cousin just sat there dumbly in his see-through shirt. Each new turn of events just became more ridiculous than the last, so I felt like I had to tag along to this classy establishment where food was thrown casually at your face.

Steven started telling everyone at our communal, tourist-stuffed Benihana table that we were engaged, which I pretty much laughed off without confirming or denying. He bought the whole table mai tais and several bottles of sake.

I don't know exactly why mai tais were one of Benihana's "signature cocktails" since they obvs have no Japanese connection whatsoever, but maybe I shouldn't expect authenticity from a cheesy, generic chain restaurant. With a full mouth of delicious fried rice, we'd almost made it through dinner when Steven turned to me and sternly said, "This isn't going to work. He continued to mumble, seeming to have a legit conversation with the split personalities battling it out in his head.

He then accused me of "sabotaging our love," saying I wasn't paying attention to him, that it seemed like I actually wanted to date the tourist girl I'd been politely chatting with. Then Steven abruptly called the waitress over and asked for the bill, demanding that I pay half of it. I laughed; I would never have agreed to hit up an overpriced chain near Times Square if I knew I'd be paying, and it certainly hadn't been my decision to pass out free drinks to old Swedish ladies.

With food still on our plates and the tourists just as confused as I was, Steven stood and theatrically walked out after paying a portion of the check. I sat there for a good five minutes finishing my food, because duh. When I got to the bottom of the stairs on my way out, I found Steven waiting. The look on his face was that of a guilty dude who had cheated on his wife.

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