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The scarf was a little bit too forward, we are going into quite a religious ceremony so I have to cover up. Tonight Zohre will meet up with Ali at the house of a family friend.

Iran matchmaking site: Why Tehran is getting into dating business

It's the date when she and Muslims remember the death of Fatimah, the daughter of the prophet Mohamad. You can really see it's such an emotional thing. People are in tears out there and it's so interesting to see Zara, Zohre and Ali and their dedication to their religion. Apparently you can make a wish as you stir the soup.

Zohre and Ali are also praying for their own future together. Their families are meeting up in three days' time and they are hoping they'll be given permission to marry. I wish that Ali will get a job that he loves. I also wished that our engagement ceremony and the family negotiations will all go well. Zohre and Ali are following tradition but other people their age are pushing the envelope.

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Apparently we have just walked in on a full-blown Iranian style photo shoot, and according to these guys these photos are just to upload on Instagram. This group of friends are studying psychology. They tell me they are all single but go out on group dates. Oh, wow, stunning, I never get that many! This is serious dedication for social media.

I'm very, very impressed. Before I came to Iran I was led to believe that boys and girls were not allowed to hang out together. That's obviously not true.

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There are some rules and limitations within families. The situation has dramatically improved. What makes us different from others here is that none of us come from strict families. There is so much misconception about Iran, so it should be very interesting to observe it from close, from up close, that, you know, there is so much freedom here.

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  5. Of course, I conducted this conversation carefully, avoiding sensitive topics like banned dating websites, parties with alcohol, or sex before marriage. The social scene here is amazingly complex and it seems to be both subtle and quite restrictive at the same time. And because of that, some young Iranians feel trapped, somewhere between Islamic culture and western culture, and they are not quite sure where their identity lies. I'm rejoining Saba who is waiting to hear news from the dating agency.

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    Saba's taking me on a spot of shopping before she gets a call from Miss Mogadam. In an ideal word, she said, she wouldn't use a matchmaker at all. The matchers seem a bit predictable. I would prefer to find somebody myself rather than have them picked for me. Saba's a conservative girl. She won't go on casual dates or break the rules, but she wants romance and that's difficult.

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    She didn't meet up with either of the matchmaker's men. We have joined Ali on the drive to Zohre's home, their families are meeting to negotiate the terms of the marriage, a process known as Balleboroon. Do you feel like the love between you and Zohre can survive obstacles like this?

    Zohre knows me well, she knows that I will be successful. Love is my only hope. We brought these for you. Yes we are pretty nervous. We are worried about arranging things for the future. Some are for and some are against many things. So yes, we have our worries. Ali's father is a cleric, Zohre's dad is a retired teacher.


    Her parents want to make sure she's provided for. There's a number of things to discuss today. The trickiest is a monetary guarantee that Ali must pay to Zohre if she ever demands it. It's paid in gold coins and is essentially an insurance policy for wives. It's called a Mehrieh.

    Before we discuss these arrangements Ali and I would like a word in private. Her parents want her to get gold coins, that's 23, pounds. Ali thinks it's too much, and he can't afford it. We are basing it on Islamic principles. Not like some who compete to get a higher sum.

    Things are getting tense and they ask us to stop filming. That was nearly four hours of negotiations, and on two occasions Ali and Zohre had to leave the room. We leave without knowing the final outcome. The young Iranians I have met want to marry someone they love. They also want to obey the rules of their faith and their parents, but it's hard to reconcile these different aims. No wonder so many find it easier to stay single. After we left Iran, we got a message. As I already loved you before I lived.

    To be honest, the last few days has been really difficult. Zohre, what about you? Signout Register Sign in. Zohre Sadat and Ali Nazari met through work and want to marry, but it's not straightforward even for this conservative and religious couple. Previous Next Show Grid.

    Previous Next Hide Grid. By Shaunagh Connaire, Adam Patterson.

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    Is the partner you met online really who they say they are? A far-right Israeli group is trying to stop marriages between Jews and Arabs Unmarried women aged over 28 in China are considered over the hill, so how can the country's 'leftover' women find love? Is this the type of place, Mr Jafari, you would come to find a wife? Definitely, and I have plenty of reasons for it. Apparently this Government website set up marriages this year.