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Thanks for your input Which monitors are you using and with which amp?

Unboxing & First Impressions

I was looking at the Denon along with Jbl ls My living room is around 6m x 5m and I'll be using them along with a Monolith plus subwoofer. If using monitors in a surround set up, would you use passive speakers for the centre and rears running off the regular connections on an amp? Feb 1, at 9: I'm assuming av receivers can manage 3 speakers from pre outs and 2 from regular speaker connections and play them all back in true 5.

Feb 4, at 6: Jun 13, Messages: If you're using the actives with a subwoofer then I'd personally go for the JBL 's as opposed to the 's.

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The midrange is also meant to be slightly better on the 's compared to the 's but I can't confirm that myself. I'm running some 's with a Rel QE subwoofer and Onkyo in the lounge. Sounds very good indeed, however when you consider what it actually cost then its absolutely phenomenal!!

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Feb 4, at 7: Hmmm , Feb 4, Placed an order this morning for two 's. Are you using 's for the rears and centres as well? I was thinking 's for the left, centre and right and 's for the rears eventually. I aready have a monolith plus subwoofer. Feb 7, at Hmmm , Feb 7, Got a delivery today of a pair of 's and a pair of 's.

I have had a listen to the 's and they do sound excellent. Really good value for money.

I'll try and have a listen to the 's asap and provide an update to help anyone else choosing between these two sets of speakers. So far I think I'll and up with for left and right with the 's for centre and surround.


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Like x 1 List. Feb 8, at 6: Dec 24, Messages: Hmmm , Feb 8, Just a quick update on initial impressions. Both sets of speakers fill my room with sound and and have impressive clarity. The 's seem to be slightly clearer and there is slightly more separation between sounds. This could be down to the providing more bass which possibly drowns out some clarity? It's very close but I am surprised as to how well the smaller 's can also fill the room with sound.

Jbl / and Yamaha HS5/HS8 in home theatre set up | AVForums

Sound is comprised of alternating higher and lower pressure, or in electronic transmission, positive and negative voltage. When a delayed signal combines with the original, one may be cycling positive, and the other, negative. These energies work against each other, reducing level at certain frequencies destructive interference. Both signals being in a positive cycle results in reinforcement at some frequencies constructive interference.

Neither case is welcome because it changes the frequency response of the sound from your speakers. The easiest way to determine placement of treatments to absorb early reflections is to grab a mirror and enlist the help of a friend.

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  4. Beginner question:What cable to buy for Yamaha HS8 monitoring speakers!
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  8. While you sit at the listening position, your friend places the mirror flat on the wall, moving it until you can see a speaker. Center your treatments there. Sound and light travel in waves and reflect in similar ways angle of incidence equals angle of reflection , so the mirror shows the first reflection paths from your speakers to your listening position. Ceilings, floors, and consoles also can be a source of unwanted reflections. Standing waves are a particular case of constructive and destructive interference between parallel walls causing certain frequencies to either ring or all but disappear at specific locations anti-nodes and nodes.

    The poor bass response in un-trapped rooms contributes to many home studio mixes having problems in the low end.

    The missing bass is caused by sound bouncing between two walls, with the low pressure in one direction combining with the high pressure in the other, thereby cancelling each other out. The thicker the panel, the better the low-frequency absorption. Leaving a small space between panel and wall also improves low frequency performance. We hope this installment has helped guide you on your way to setting up studio monitors for optimal recording and mixing in your home studio. Keep in mind that this series is aimed primarily at the beginner home studio user in an effort to dispel common myths about home recording, and to make the entire process much less intimidating than it might seem at first.

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    Beginner question:What cable to buy for Yamaha HS8 monitoring speakers

    The New Issue is Out Now! How do you set up studio monitors? What should I be looking for in the best home studio monitors?