Albanian dating rules

Approximately 5 million people are able to speak the Albanian language.

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The Albanian language has a canonical word order that follows the same rule of the English language. Therefore, the language may not be as difficult to learn as you may have first thought. A large proportion of Albanian men are able to speak using a good standard of English.

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Food is an important part of Albanian culture. Moreover, Albanian men really do love their food, so if you are looking to impress them, start with good food!

Dating albanian man

There are millions of simple recipes online that provide step-by-step instructions of how to create a huge variety of Albanian food. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to cooking, or looking to make something a bit fancy, there is bound to be a recipe readily available on the Internet.

If you opt to visit a restaurant on your first date instead then be aware that the way food is served is somewhat different to traditional English methods.

If a single man and a single woman are spending time together, it is assumed that they are engaged. Unmarried women can get a bad reputation if they are seen outside too much, walking around.


There are still many rules concerning the dating scene. Most Albanian families are very traditional about a man and woman being engaged before they can spend any time together alone.

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Many couples are still somewhat arranged in the sense that uncles or friends, etc. However, it is increasingly up to the young men and women to chose who they want to marry. Women are increasingly becoming employed outside of the home and while many of the men remain unemployed, women don't seem to have as tough of a time finding work.

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In the larger Albanian cities, it is becoming increasingly acceptable for women to both drink alcohol and smoke. Smoking used to be very unacceptable for women, but that is changing more and more. Women are almost never served raki, which is the traditional Albanian hard liquor made from grapes.