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Netcat – The Admin’s Best Friend

One tool that many admins have used to test open ports in the past is the widely used Telnet client. If you were opening a web page to test an HTTP server, you could use something along the lines of:. To check that UDP port 53 is open with verbose feedback you could use:. If you want to make sure no data is sent to that port as you connect it might be useful for a variety of surreptitious or debugging reasons , you can simply scan for listening daemons without transmitting data by adding the -z zero-mode switch after the -u. For example, you might want to use netcat nc to check FTP ports — or at least ports in that region:.

If you want to change the source port of your connection to , you could add the -p option:. To add a timeout for latency testing, you could use the -w parameter followed by the number of seconds — 30 seconds, for example:. If firewalling is in place and you need to originate your connection from a specific IP address to open a port, entering.

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When Netcat connects successfully with verbose mode enabled, it should report the following for each port:. Initially connecting using the verbose -v option is definitely worth the effort because Netcat exits silently if it succeeds; otherwise, and it just hangs at the command line, which might cause significant amounts of confusion to the newly initiated. Something else you might consider doing is disabling DNS lookups using -n , if you expect to perform many of them, because they could impede the speed of output to your display.

By now you should be getting the idea of how versatile Netcat can be. You can expand this functionality much further as follows: If you want to send a file binary or ASCII to another host, you could use the tool cat short for concatenate to print the file through a pipe to your friendly Netcat daemon, which is ready to listen intently on the port number you specify. On the server side, you could use:. Watch out for a gotcha. On Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, I found out that one of the highly dangerous and impressive features of Netcat appears to be disabled by default: After studying the Netcat man page, another caveat that also applies to the bundled LTS version is worth mentioning at this stage as well, in case it trips someone up: An alternative nc is available in the netcat-traditional package.

Disabling the -e switch by default makes perfect sense, but it ruins my fun a little. Now on to some trickier examples. This example should apparently close the port after the file transfer has completed but not without moving to the netcat-traditional package, as mentioned before:. Be warned that this might not work for you, but with some trial and error, to enable some extra interaction, you could try to open this file in your web browser. Some browsers need the length of the file specified, so you could also try to use this example instead:. If all else fails and pushing Netcat aside for a moment , you could always use Telnet as follows:.

The way around this is to make the pipe a two-way pipe:. I would suggest trialing the way your version of Netcat and your browser react and practice with a combination of Telnet, nc www. To confirm that I was redirected correctly, I used lsof -i , and sure enough, it worked well, at least on my setup. Because Netcat has been around for so many years apparently version 1. I have not mentioned the many variants in any detail, but one in particular might be of interest to those who want to use Netcat for port forwarding, among other features: The Ncat version of Netcat has a host of features, such as SSL capabilties, that make it worth a look.

You can accomplish port forwarding with the -c switch on the Ncat version of Netcat with this command line:. I find this two-chatting exchange useful sometimes: On your first server you open up a port:. The Ncat package variant brings yet something else to the chat party, however. With a doff of my cap to the olden days of Unix and the Internet, Ncat can offer all sorts of relatively simple services.

For example, it can run an Echo service originally rolled out to give response times from a system like the package ping might , and it can offer a Chargen service character generation for remote debugging. But that doesn't seem right. If we try the same thing with ebay.

As you can see, it runs on an Apache-Coyote.

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Go ahead and try it on other websites and find out what server they're running. However, note that it may not work for all sites or you may not see the server information. Now, let's use Netcat to create a listener on the remote system. Let's assume that we have a Windows server that we have installed Netcat on. We can now type the following to open a Netcat listener on port it can be any port on that system.

Note that on Windows systems, we can run this same command with an upper case L to create a persistent listener that will open up even if the system is rebooted. Now, let's create a backdoor on the target system that we can come back to at any time. The command will vary slightly based upon whether we are attacking a Linux or Windows system.

This will open a listener on the system that will "pipe" the command shell or the Linux bash shell to the connecting system. Next, on our attacking system, we type the following one-liner. As you can see, the Windows command prompt has been piped through our Netcat connection directly to our attacking system. We own that box! Netcat can also be used to exfiltrate files and data from the target. Let's imagine that there's data on the target system that we want, maybe financial data or data stored in a database.

We can use a stealth connection to slowly copy that data out to our attack system. In this example, we will exfiltrate a file called financialprojections. That command says to display the file financialprojections. That command says to create a listener l on port p , then send the data received on this listener to a file named financialprojections. We can see in the code below, after using ls -l , that the file was copied across our Netcat connection over port to our attacking machine! This is just a small sample of what this powerful little program can do.

When you combine it with some basic scripting skills, you can only imagine the incredible things that can be accomplished. Does this file transfer and everything only work if you have netcat installed on the remote computer? If so, how could you get it to install and then interact with it without using physical access, is there like a payload for it or something?

Dating analysis netcat

You can also download it on victim's machine using the wget command like this: If you don't have physical access, you will need to upload it the system. TFTP would be one option. If i have meterpreter session than why will i need netcat? Because i think meterpreter session can do anything.

Netcat 101: Remote Shells in Windows, HakTip 86

Please explain because i am a newbie. So if I manage to get the above are they the cookies for the administrator or they are part of the configuration to throw testers away?

Common types of the ability to upload.

Carlos, you might want to check out Socat. Though the default command "nc" emulates the legit netcat, the "-e" option is not available, so practically useless for backdooring.

This can be easily solved installing it from "Homebrew". It worked perfectly for me, but since there's no https or certs, feel free to not trust this. Nearly everything on our Kali platform is open source, including the Debian Linux it is built on. OTW, I keep trying to use netcat to connect to the ftp server of some websites, like cnn, and things like that. O and nothing comes up.

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Am I doing something wrong? For the linux bash shell we use: Sadly, Windows doesn't come with much useful cli tools.. I am a newbie and love the knowledge shared here on this site. I need help with an issue that I have had happen similar to this current hack but it was done to me on my rooted Samsung galaxy s4. Any advice or suggestions on how to retaliate or something?

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Would it be possible to upload a meterpreter payload to a nc listener, and if so how. I tried a few things and it spewed out jibberish Please Help out me to clear out my concept! Else your tutorial is as always super awesome! Thank-you Master OTW for sharing such useful informations! When i get Netcat installed on a target system, what are my options from there? Can I open a meterpreter session through this?

Bad thing for linux user. For the HEAD request you should now consider wget or curl. I hope this isn't too necro.