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I love to hike with my dog, have some drinks and have fun. So about me… 23 yo male from New Jersey.

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I could do with a distraction tbh. I have kik or Skype and pictures on both! Hey, how are you doing? I am a 27 male college grad.

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My major is computer engineering. I work in the RF engineering field.

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I am from Florida I moved recently to northern NJ for a new job. When are we going to see the after? I have 9 inches and am dominant. My kinks include orgasm control,making you edge till you beg me to let you cum, and dirty talk.

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I like pball,bball,racquetball,anime,movies ,pool, and video games. If you are still looking for someone I am interested. You just need to go out and say fuckit to the world of cunts! Relieve yourself of that and sleep is the least of your worries xx.

I see hurricane Matthew mentioned. Not really sure what all to send. Hope to hear back from you.

How to Write the Perfect First Message on Tinder

I have pretty much nothing to do today. Ideally it would be great if it could go beyond tonight. I guess the main question now is, is 38 too old? Prepare to be intrigued! As long as you give me something to work with! You up for a chat? I have Skype, kik, snapchat, or we could just talk here if you want. Remembering where your strengths lie, and not jumping on every fad just because others are seeing great success with a particularly clever opening seems prudent, however. Even if it may feel harder to get anywhere. Unless you are a true virtuoso in the art of puns, and manage to strike a nerve and elicit a positive response with some reliability, I would recommend leaving the puns to just such masters.

Okay, more than once. And I tried all the advice I read.

Apart from their face, that is. Looking back, it seems obvious that such matches and dates were doomed to fail. I tried to figure out who I was, so that I could be myself. When what I should have been doing was just writing whatever came to mind.

The horses would be too cuuuute! So, what has worked for me? On the one hand, a combination of the above. Pointing out, or asking about an actual common interest I saw in their profile, but usually not as a first message. Making a in my humble opinion hilarious observation about something going on in their pictures. Neither spend a lot of time and energy on racking your brain trying to come up with a conversation starter, nor let an opportunity go to waste. No matter what their profile might say. Or fail to say. What can I say, I tried something, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

But it does make some sense if you think about it. Last but not least: An added benefit is that you can be pretty sure the other person is actually interested in you, if they reply to something like this. Which may explain why I had unusually good conversations following this canned opener, from those matches that did reply. If you have misgivings about copy paste messages, either sending or receiving, I understand completely. That, leading up to asking for a date may be a future SwipeHelper guide.


At least they did up until that point. And not to forget: Meanwhile, what do you think? Would you like to add something? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. And stories maybe yours? Will resetting your Tinder account soon cost money? The signs are pointing towards this.

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