Hot girl dating nerdy guy

Most of the time, the cool guy is trouble, albeit hot trouble. For some girls, trouble is sexy its what draws them to cool guys in the first place. If you arent looking for a serious relationship , cool guys are great. They frequent all the hot spots and regardless of where you go, everyone knows them. But, in the long run, theyll probably drive you to tears. Nerd The nerdy guy isnt the one that all girls swoon over. But hes the guy that will treat you right. Movies named after songs? Reed makes a fantastic point.

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Could be the ultimate hot girl nerdy guy pairing. But to be fair, Salman Rushdie has got that charming accent. And I bet the death sentence can give a certain frisson to thrill-seeking girls. Llyod Dobler Keeper of the Keys was my nickname in college a few years ago! Plus, this list gave me warm fuzzies because I loved it so much. Though I agree Better Off Dead would have been a nice addition to your list. That movie gave you two nerds fishing for a hot chick way out of their league for the price of one!

How can you say no?!

Reed- Little Shop of Horrors would have been perfect! Meg and emawkc- Yeah, one Cusack only! I thought long and hard about Rushmore, but its structure was just a bit too strange to consider Max and his teach as a couple. Those are both good too. I would include Paul Blart even though the second one ruined it for me. My Top 10 would be: Where the Wild Things Are. Alex Chilton, Take Care. Home Columns Podcasts Reviews Top 10s. The Lady and the Tramp Lady and Tramp Even though this classic Disney animated film is more about class prejudice than it is about hot girls and nerds, the title itself showcases the big chasm between the main characters.

Say Anything Diane Court and Lloyd Dobler Lloyd John Cusack may not be super nerdy, but he is an avid kickboxer and he does wear a trenchcoat—yikes.

When were you born?

Be like me, uber Trekkie on the inside s pinup doll on the outside boy version of course think Tony stark, Kirk, Han, or that guy who declinded the fields metal with a shave Yes, I am with a nerd. Use all that wisdom to charm and relate to women. If you make eye contact, light touch, interesting topics of coversation, compliment then you can have any woman you want.

I guess it depends on how ugly you mean on a scale of I've always preferred nerds, but yeah, you always need some sort of physical attraction to get the momentum going. In terms of physical appearance, I'm a , so I probably wouldn't go below a 4.

Why Do Some Women Prefer Dating Bigger Guys?

Well if its a choice between a jerky hot guy that only wants sex and and the nice nerdy guy that actualy cares-then its the nerdy guy every time. What about a kind and hot guy vs. How often would a girl choose the nerd between those two choices?


And I happen to be dating a hardcore nerd. He's actually pretty awesome. I have to say no. Not unless he's rich. Generally, social retardation is a major turnoff. The only way for a guy to do it is to either be rich or stop being a nerd. Uh, actually Nerds tend to be Socially more intelligent, people seem to have this idea that as IQ goes up, emotional IQ goes down What a moronic answer.

There is no correlation between retardation and a nerd. Nerds have been on the rise for years now. Stereotypical norms of the past, such as this, were just plain stupid.

hot girl with nerdy guy (pics)(lols)

It's all about personality. At first we might notice looks, but a great personality outshines everything. Unless you're completly hideous. I personally think nerds are the new sexy. I would have to be attracted to a guy physically to have a relationship with him.

You can improve your looks. A great brain is sexy as hell! It can be real.. What do you mean by nerdy?

27 Most Awkward Nerds With Hot Girls Photos !

Do you mean 'focused in their studies' type of nerdy? It would help if you posted a photo and we can suggest ways to improve your appearance ie: I really didn't mean it like that. I just meant that there IS such a thing as 'hot nerdy' and I was just suggesting ways to help you're appearance get girls.

But I don't settlw. Height yes, face no, body type no. Is it possible for a nerd to appreciate girls in his own circumstances? All signs point to no -- he's just as shallow as the hot douchebag, just without the qualities to back it up. Yes, but why does everyone want the hot girl. What about the rest of us, why can't we ever be enough! Well, turn that on its head.

Top 10 Nerd Gets Hot Chick Movies

Given the choice between two guys with an equally great personality and otherwise hits all your respective buttons, would you prefer a hot guy or an average-looking guy? I don't really care if there nerdy or not. Just if there a good person And honestly id rather date a nerd than a jerk. Ya, but he has to actually get to know her. Just thinking of her as "some hot chick" isn't any different than the hot, shallow guy has to offer I know brilliant lol.

I don't think so! For the most part it is a television fantasy. The ugly nerdy guy may be getting the girl of his dreams, but why would the hot girl want him when there are tons of other guys to choose from? Hot girls usually date other hot guys, or guys who are cute Shallow people can still love the ones they are with, they might be with them for reason we see as wrong but I'd like to think they still love the person in some little way. This is all very superficial! Its all to do with personality and what is in a person's heart - something you can only learn with age ;-.

But never once would it cross his mind that there is probably a lot of lovely woman out there, age and nerd appropriate for him, he just doesn't give them a look in because they are guilty of exactly the same things he is ie, not being 18 or not being fantastically beautiful. You dream of some amazing cutie out there who'll see beyond your flaws even though you yourself are too shallow to find attraction in a girl who's more your equal.

You expect hot girls to give you a chance, when you yourself wouldn't give anyone like you a chance. I find nerdy girls to be amazing! But most of the time they're too afraid to date and both of our insecurities just makes things too awkward to be normal.

I think opposites attract! I believe opposites attract as well, unlike this answerer who is obviously shallow. She's not shallow she's logicial- most nerds on here complain about not getting hot girls. Where are the ones who want nerdy girls like them? They want the hottest girls they see the only problem is most hot girls also want the hottest guys they see and that maynot be the nerd. So it kinda does make the nerds who only want hot girls shallow especially since they probably don't know the girl they want any hot girl.

So why should the hotties be at fault for wanting another hottie?