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Ok, who cares what she looks like the point is she is doing good 4 the ppl of China. I'm selling it in Viet Nam, my customer have very good feedback about it.

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A Baijiu Bar in Beijing!? (Capital Spirits 首都酒坊)

October 12th, By Key Life Style. How come girls from the countryside are more open about sex? The Factory Girls in China. Increasing numbers of clubs with top international DJs.

Want To Get Laid In Beijing? Here’s Some Weekend Advice From Global Times

One of the greatest places to go is the Sanlitun Entertainment District. Sanlitun area is still a pretty busy nightlife centre.

As a result, sex education has not kept up with sexual activity, with some unwelcome consequences. High-school girls make up 80 percent of the patients at Shanghai abortion clinics during one-week school holidays, state media reported last year.

Now, a government that once had say over when and whom people could marry is more concerned about regulating interest rates. While the countryside remains more traditional, at least outwardly, public benches in cities are filled at night with young couples necking openly. Hipsters pack sleek clubs to flirt, chain-smoke imported cigarettes and sip green tea mixed with whiskey.

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Studies indicate 60 to 70 percent of Chinese have had sex before marriage, up from 15 percent in , according to Li Yinhe, a sex expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The average urban marriage age has crept steadily higher, reaching 31 for men in Shanghai last year.

Families and schools remain shy when talking about sex, and teenage sex has flourished in the gap between awkward discussions and silence.