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Tips for Answering the Questionnaire (#15-17)

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Online Dating Questionnaire

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The Dating App Questionnaire - Market Research Survey

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If you have to go out of the equivalent or the opportunity on find my prince charming business during your unrestricted hours, questiomnaire, get hold. Makes on a Definite Scheduled Day Off: Kids of an hour fume that desire absence from position. Perhaps e-harmony are genuine, not rogues as I read somewhere online too late to save myself the money , but they haven't done me any favours. Perhaps I am simply undatable It's more an online rejection service than an online dating service. Good luck if you decide to try it and my commiserations if you are another frustrated customer.

Hi Hillary - thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with EH. If I could sue that old dirt bag that convinced me to give it a try. Giving the questions the best thoughtful answers I could, I was matched with someone who 1 year into the relationship and pack up and move to her home, I'm told by my perfect match that she is bi-polar and no longer on her meds. It was almost like "I got him" after I moved in.

Don't waste your time. My best and current relationship came organically. Just be patient and don't waste your money. I'm sorry to hear about your experience! Online dating is definitely such a risk, and that's awful that you ended up in this situation. My ex-wife tried to sign up for EH and they rejected her Twice She got a message simply stating that they were unable to help her. I could have told them that. You mean the quiz that, if I answer the questions honestly, causes eharmony to tell me it can't possibly match me with anyone? As far as I can tell, admitting to any combination of mental illness, same gender attraction or non-Semitic religious belief will result in Eharmony giving you an apology and a statement that some people just can't be matched.

I'm sorry you had that experience - I hadn't heard of that happening before reading the comments today. Here's the verbiage of a similar note to that one I have seen. I've actually tried a number of times to sign up for an account and the language has changed over time, but this is roughly accurate. I've discussed this with other people who have tried the service and I suspect it is a more common response. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Read our privacy policy. Are you signed up to a dating website?

Back to summary Q3. What do you like about dating websites? There is nothing I like about dating websites. Back to summary Q4. What do you NOT like about dating website? Registration time Profile filling time The idea of searching for people using a website does not make me comfortable Privacy issues location, name etc I could be identified by my profile People lie about themselves eg. Exaggerations Time it takes to look Time it takes to meet I feel embarrassed about being on a dating website Low meeting results time from searching to meeting takes a long time Other , please specify: