Disadvantages of dating a younger guy

I broke it off because despite discussions, things were getting worse.

He apologized for what happened, and attributed it to unresolved insecurities because of someone he dated before me. I still like him a lot. The last few outings we went on felt as great as our first dates. Maybe I should look for someone else, given my age and desire to have children. Should I give him a chance again or just move on?

People do change and learn from their mistakes. Fairly standard procedure for the circumstance but I have to give him credit for trying to be creative. Nintendo released its first console in and playing video games became a huge part of every kid's life.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Younger Man

My husband was 10 at the time and, for many years up to and through college, his socializing with friends including gaming. I was twenty in and thought video games were for weird, nerdy guys who spent all their time in their parent's basement.

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I played games, too, but most of them involved the consumption of alcohol including "What did I do last night to embarrass myself? Sometimes, while discussing important cultural events, my husband will say "I read about that in my "Recent Significant Cultural Events" class in college while I say "Wait a minute!

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Younger Guy When You're In Your 30s

Didn't that happen just last week? While my husband receives mail advertisements for vacations to exotic lands, the latest exercise equipment, and GQ-esque magazines, I receive ads for urinary incontinence products, end-of-life planning services, and cemetery plots with lovely views of a serene lake. If I weren't waiting for a check from my new Nigerian friend who emailed me for help with a wire transfer, I wouldn't check the mail at all.

Building a Career vs. My husband is at the pinnacle of his career and spends much time on education, networking, and working long hours.

Disadvantages of dating a younger man

I, on the other hand, am exhausted from so many years of the daily grind and prefer to spend my days scheming how to get out of work and into something fun. His co-workers think I am either a figment of his imagination or suffering from a mysterious chronic illness as I have "not been feeling well" for the last 32 office functions involving spouses. On the flip side, he is not available when I decide I want to drive cross country to attend all three days of Coachella. Physically Aging at Different Rates: When I discover another disturbing sign of aging to go along with wrinkles, an expanding waistline and the unexpected wetting of pants, I don't have someone to laugh it off with because they are going through it, too.

I'm in my thirties now , I've found myself saying "guys my age don't have their shit together.


But then I met Ben name has been changed to protect the overly sensitive. Ben changed my views on younger guys - because, really, the operative word is guy here, not man and, hi, I'm a woman, not a girl - upside down, and made me see the pros and cons of dating a younger guy, like This might be selfish - actually, it is percent selfish -but it's true.

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While we were together, Ben was a lost little lamb in the woods; scared, full of doubt, directionless. I remember being a little lamb myself in my mid-twenties. I felt sad for him and I understood what he was going through, but I was relieved to know that those woods were behind me.

I'm not a lost little lamb anymore, but rather, a confident, sexy lion. Sorry that I just referred to myself as a sexy lion, but seeing how confused he was made me realize I wasn't anymore. I struggled in my twenties, and I get the nature of struggling, but building a partnership with someone who is just starting his own tenuous path to adulthood is frustrating. I often found myself saying "when I was your age,"and I hated it.

What am I, a grandma?! At times, I felt like I was more of a teacher then a girlfriend. I wasn't learning anything from him because I had already found the answers to my questions. I'm very proud of my accomplishments and I don't need a man to validate them, but I'm not saying getting complimented doesn't feel nice!

The downside to dating a younger man

I'm not in a perfect place yet - my career is, well, a work in progress, all my furniture is still from Ikea, and there are things in my fridge I bought during the Bush administration. But because he basically lived in a fort of old pizza boxes , he thought I had it together. I have a savings account, a functioning coffee maker, and an organized bookshelf - things he could only wish for.