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What's your story with this company? Great Expectations Matchmaking Service. Great Expectations Online Dating. Yes 0 No 0. Great Expectations - Worked there back in the day Aug 28, I managed a center back in the early 90's and it was very successful membership. Yes, you got some unhappy people who did not put in the effort, but typically, when people are willing to spend money, they are more committed and that part of it was a good thing.

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Product Great Expectations Matchmaking Service. Chicagoland singles is a scam tracy trys to sell you dollars everyone does not pay the same this company is a scam. Details Advertised vs Delivered. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Great Expectations - Feel scammed Aug 10, So unfortunate, I joined Great Expectations which is now Minneapolis Singles 23 years ago where I met my husband of 22 years.

It's now and I'm divorced so I decide to give them another try. Today there are so many dating sites that the available men Product Great Expectations Online Dating. Great Expectations - I realized I was not a good fit for their clientele Jul 21, You can't view who is on their roster prior to joining. More than likely You will find that those who you are told you would be suited for will not be interested in you.

I have heard this from one other member and HE Great Expectations - Martied but a widow now Jul 03, Meet my husband 7 years ago but he passed away last September. I was lucky to have such a wonderful man.

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Great Expectations - Careful -- Intro is just the beginning of grabbing your personal Info Jan 27, I was interested in a cruise, and someone contacted me to come in for an interview. I did, filled out a basic questionaire, but skipped the personal info like birthdate and SSN and signed the form. I handed it in and specifically told the receptionist, Linda, Yes 1 No 0. I didn't like Running credit report when specifically said no.

This service is a complete joke. Ellie uses high pressure tactics to close the "deal" and establish membership.

They provide NO kind of compatibility screening. Your profile is comprised of whatever information the customer wants entered. Ellie explained that they Anonymous KK Jun 15, I have been dealing with just about the same experiences as this author. I didn't like High pressure sales tactics Pulling hard credit to screen me. Great Expectations - Scam, you're better off with eHarmony Jan 31, I have contacted every girl within 50 miles from me. Once you sign you're toast.

They got your money. The only loophole is the moving clause but they told me I was not eligible. They made up their own verbal addendum to the contract. I read all the complaints and they're ALL Very true. It will save you 6 thousand dollars. I rate myself as a stupid, gullible fool and I thought I was quick but they hyped me up and they set the hook and caught me. I wish this website was more visible to people. If I read this I would never have went, "Oh then they slam you for all the extra charges. Just yesterday, I attended the interview at the Dallas office and signed with them for a ridiculous amount of money.

After 3hrs of conversation in a room with the representative, Kay, which I can only say was weird in that I did not apply any usual judgment and caution. But also, I truly felt like I was having a disconnected experience which I snapped forcefully out of a few hours later, to my regret. Let me say that I'm an attractive 40yr old who doesn't rely have trouble getting dates, but was attracted to this because I was promised 1. They perform background checks on all their clients 2. They had a clientele of professionals who had all been pre-screened.

They had a very high percentage match rate and were a reputable business. There were other promises during that 3hr meeting and I can only say that I have no idea how you ended up signing up because once I was away room there and could think it was never something someone cautious like me would sign up for. I got to their offices with little intention of signing on, more of an info session and to my dismay ended up saddled with debt. There were so many red flags which is strangely blind to till I has left and even wondered if my water had been drugged.

It was all so bizarre. Who signs up for such a program 5days before major surgery? Didn't make any sense to me. I wasn't even that keen on the whole dating experience thing. One of their persuasion gimmicks was signing my sister on as a two for one, when I expressed my reluctance. I was also assured my bill would be refunded to my estate if something dire, happened to me on the operation table.

Great Expectations Reviews and Complaints

Again, it was a weird experience and I cannot explain how I signed my name on the documents placed in front of me and gave them my credit card. As I have found out from reading these reports, they did run a credit report on me without my permission. Once my head cleared, less than 6 hours later, I begun to look into how I could cancel my membership.

Calling the office to request for one today. Even on the basis of my deferred start, which was sort of what I was conned into agreeing to and even offering to negotiate terms with them. But I have been told that I have a zero cancellation and refund agreement and although "Stephanie" the boss would be told, I did not really have a chance of that happening. I am hoping for a call back on Monday and really hoping they will be reasonable.

I have impending medical expenses to worry about in addition to my concerns about the surgery and recovery. I am very disappointed and can't believe I didn't even take 5secs to look them up - something I would always do under normal circumstances. Like others, the company turned out not to be the same as the one I'd looked up online prior to coming in and that if thought I'd be meeting with.

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I have already canceled my credit card since I'm not comfortable with such a duplicitous company having my information and intend to do all I can to get as much of my money back as possible, taking legal action as needed. Pending the outcome of the conversation I hope takes place on Monday, 24th Jan ; I will also dispute the payment as well as take other actions possible.

Please please please, do not sign up with this company and do not take it lying down either when you are duped. I'm not sure how I can connect with anyone else in the Dallas area regarding a class action suit and haven't figured out how. I'll come back here if I do.

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Now I know never to go any of these visits alone. I'm sure I was psychologically or in some way manipulated and that, in addition to the false promises, is fraud! I wish I had put freezes on my credit report ages ago. I'm in the process of doing that now.

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This will prevent unauthorized credit checks being run on me in the future.