Dating lowering standards

I laugh awkwardly and sip my coffee, then think about all the guys I have ever dated.

He asks me about my recent romantic endeavour, one in which the guy eventuated into a drug mule and chlamydia carrier. Undoubtedly ending in disaster. And I sat and thought about it, wondering if it was vain to agree or not, and was that weird. And it is fucked.

Dating apps have made us all massively lower our standards, according to a new study

Did I really think someone in thick-tongued skate shoes who refused to meet my friends and was constantly stoned was the kind of person I wanted to spend the dregs of my pay cheque on? Shame you had to go and watch his metal band at some back alley bar on Saturday nights and pretended that you enjoyed it. Except three months into it, he moved to Asia. And forgot to tell you. The stoner who was philosophical and cute and you connected on like, a spiritual level.

Except he was super poor so you had to pay for every date and he ended up wanting to smoke bud more than see you.

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The party guy, out on a Wednesday night and a chronic instagrammer. Great banter and dance moves, although he probably wore a puffer jacket and air force ones. The geek chic guy, who would read aloud F. Scott Fitzgerald to you in bed and accompany you to art house films even if they were a bit cringe girl. Often wearing jeans two sizes smaller than you and freaks out when you want a bit of a real man.

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Sounds like you have aged out of your desires. It happens to everyone eventually, unless of course you are filthy rich. Time to lower your standards if you want someone. No way, I am not going to lower my standards! It seems to me, if you have a certain idea of the type of person you must be with your standards , but you strike out with them every single time, your standards are out of wack. But no one wants to hear it.

Is it difficult to admit that you aren't as awesome as you think you are, so instead you walk around thinking you deserve the very best? Rephrase "lower your standards". Originally Posted by findly On the corner of Grey Street.

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Pretty ridiculous of him to think that at 50 he's still going to get girls in their 20's unless he's some kind of rich Hugh Hefner which apparently he isn't. No, people don't take kindly to that suggestion. When people complain, mostly what they want is to just vent.

You should take comfort in the fact that most people end up unconsciously settling anyway because no one's perfect , but most won't consciously settle. You have to let them do it the way that it naturally occurs and is comfortable to them.

Why You Should Refuse To Lower Your Standards One Hundred Percent Of The Time | Thought Catalog

Dating women his own age would be raising his standards, not lowering them. He just doesn't know that yet. I was talking to my platonic female friend about this topic. She called me "greedy" because I am simply holding out for a woman I am attracted to. And that she would have the option of staying home with the kid s indefinately. So who's standards are out of whack here? PS- I think we both have pretty typical values for our genders.