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Hello, my name is Ashley. I'm new as of tonight.

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Been reading a lot of post of people wanting to find their other half. Seen one young lady saying she wanted to find her other half with a guy that is blind.

I also seen some people looking down on that. I'm not here to fight but here to offer some words. People that say they want to find someone, anyone who is it for them to say the person they want cant be blind, deaf, or even in a wheelchair. I'm sorry I see no difference between a young lady or man that wants a life with someone that has a disability, or someone that is looking for someone with long brown hair and blue eyes. When someone is looking they are looking regardless what he or she may or may not offer because in reality everyone has something to offer.

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  • You dont needs eyes, ears, legs or even arms to give someone a life and give them your heart. Better to find someone that can make you whole and complete then giving up on yourself and just settling, take it from someone who knows and lives with it everyday. Good luck and much love to everyone. Anyone like to talk my e-mail is mychildren gmail.

    Hello, I am a 38 year old man. Hi i am new to the site.

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    Hey if you need someone to talk to i dont desciminate on anyone, blind, tall, skinny, fat, boring ; anyone! Dating is hard no matter what. There is not a large population of blind gay people where I live so I am finding it very hard to meet someone as most sighted people get put off by my big white cane which sometimes is taller than they are I like shorter guys lol.

    I would prefer to date someone who was blind but Know of any good blind singles dating sites?

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