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Square-headed nails were used from about to , when they were replaced by machine-cut, headless nails. By , today's round, machine-made nails had replaced the earlier headless varieties.

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Screws can also provide clues about the age of dining room chairs. Prior to , screws were made by hand, resulting in uneven threads and off-center slots in the heads.

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From to , screws were often made by machine. The threads on these screws were relatively even and regular, but the slot in the head was still cut by hand -- and often off-center. After , most furniture used machine-made screws, which are very regular and pointed at the tips. Throughout most of the 18th century, fine furniture was typically made from walnut, though cherry, maple and other woods were also used in some regions. From to , the William and Mary style dominated furniture-making.

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Chairs of this style typically featured a paintbrush style foot, also known as a Spanish foot. Caned backs and seats were very common, and many chairs were adorned with elaborate Baroque carvings. Queen Anne style furniture took center stage from to Chairs of this period featured back splats with simple curved edges, scroll-back rests, curved or Cabriole-style legs and basic pad feet.

By the end of the 18th century, many dining chairs were of the Chippendale style, which blended elements of Gothic, French Baroque and Chinese design.

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To identify chairs of this period, look for claw feet and elaborately carved legs and splats. Chairs in the Federal style were common from to , and featured shield-shaped or rectangular backs, without the curves common on earlier designs. Feet were tapered and simple, and legs were turned and straight.

From to , Empire style furniture was popular in the U. Chairs of this period were heavily inspired by traditional Greek and Roman design. Caned seats and backs were common once again, as were seat backs painted with elaborate designs.

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Many chairs were adorned with scrolls and animal feet. By the midth century, designers began to rebel against the elaborate Chippendale and Empire styles of earlier years, and many turned to more simplistic designs. From to , many pieces were crafted in the Shaker style, with smooth lines, delicate construction and simple adornments inspired by nature.

Finials featured shapes such as mushrooms, acorns or pine cones, and feet and legs were narrow and tapered.

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The Arts and Crafts movement stretched from to the start of WWI and shared many characteristics with the Shaker movement. If it is delayed, we will inform you as soon as possible, however, we cannot accept any liability for consequential losses as a result. When your order is available for delivery you will be contacted by our Delivery Planner. You will be offered the first available delivery slot. If this is unsuitable, another mutually convenient time will be arranged. We do not accept returns for items which are in good condition but found to be unsuitable after delivery or collection.

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Henrik Pedersen is the experienced designer behind many of our designs, counting armchairs, tables, sofas and lamps. Henrik Pedersen has always been inspired by seeing things up close. This is evident in the unexpected curves of his designs, like the iconic Imola chair, inspired by a tennis ball.

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Search catalog Search Close. Lausanne Lausanne chair Add to Favorites. Classy all the way. With a high back for great support, a sloped seat edge for more comfort and a formal yet modern look, this dining chair ensures that you'll look great while sitting perfectly at ease at your next dinner party.


Slightly angled wooden legs provide a sturdy base while keeping in line with the timeless design. Preparing for customization Preparing for customization Dimensions and weight Height: